Dog and Cat Dental Care is as Important as Your Own

February is National Pet Dental Month!

dog dentalDental health is just as important for our pets as it is for us.    Our pets age roughly seven years for every year we age.  So if they get a dental cleaning once a year, that would be like us going to the dentist once every seven years!   

Look look for warning signs of oral disease. Common indications include bad breath, a change in eating or chewing habits, pawing at the face or mouth and depression.  If any of these signs are present, the pet should be taken to the veterinarian for a dental exam as soon as possible.

The yellow and brown coloration on the teeth is not normal.  Bacteria is entering the blood stream affecting the heart, liver and kidneys and shortening their lifespan.   

dental stages


Early Periodontitis

Moderate Periodontitis

Advanced Periodontitis

Home dental care and routine professional dental cleanings can help prevent nasty infections and painful extractions.

   For more information on dental disease, please click here.

About Dana Ellis

Practice Manager at Neartown Animal Clinic
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